Profile : Papua New Guinea

Region: Pacific
Capital: Port Moresby
Population: 6,791,317
Area: 459,854 sq km
GDP per capita: $2500.00
Religions: Protestant 59.4%, Roman Catholic 27%,Seventh Day Adventist 10 %
Languages: Tok Pisin, English, Hiri Motu


Papua New Guinea forms the eastern part of the island of New Guinea and some nearby islands.

Papua New Guinea became independent of Britain in 1975. There is much political instability and corruption, a high crime rate and lack of essential services such as health care and education in PNG. 70% of the population lives in poverty according to the World Bank.




Category Opportunity Category Duration
Bible and Theology, Professional Manager - PNG Long Term
International Churches, Local Church Support Senior Pastor - PNG Long Term
Student Ministry Student Workers - PNG Student Ministry Long Term


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