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Profile : Slovenia

Region: Europe
Capital: Ljubljiana
Population: 1,978,029
Area: 20 256
GDP per capita: $22900.00
Religions: Roman Catholic 57.8%, No religion 10%
Languages: Slovene, Hungarian and Italian


Slovenia was part of the former Yugoslavia until 1991 when it established independence after a 10-day war. Historical ties to Western Europe, a strong economy, and a stable democracy has helped to establish Slovenia in the 21st Century.

Slovenia has a strong Catholic tradition. Challenges to the Church's role in society include widespread atheism and increasing suicide and abortion rates. Only a handful of the population attends Evangelical churches.


Prayer Points

  • With a great lack of Bible colleges and Christian resources in Slovenia, please pray for God to raise up more gospel workers to faithfully teach the Bible here.




Category Opportunity Category Duration
Church Planting Church Planting - Slovenia Long Term
Student Ministry Leadership Training - Slovenia Student Ministry Long Term
Student Ministry Student Ministry Operations Manager - Slovenia Student Ministry Long Term and Short Term


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