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Profile : Italy

Region: Europe
Capital: Rome
Population: 62,007,540
Area: 301 000
GDP per capita: $29700.00
Religions: Roman Catholic 74.7%, No religion 14%
Languages: Italian, but vigorous use of 9 regional languages akin to Italian


Italy is highly industrialised and is the world's seventh largest economy. It is very affluent in the north but much poorer in the South.

Italy is one of the world's favourite countries. We love its food, its art, its culture, its language, and its cars. Italians love life. But they live in great need of the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. Despite the appearance of being a very christianised nation, very few Italians actually believe what the Bible says about Jesus. Most Italians are Roman Catholic in culture, but deeply cynically about the Church. Church attendance is decreasing as are the number of priests. There are three times as many full-time consulting magicians as there are Catholic priests.

Of the 1.6 million uni students in Italy, only 100 or so are involved with groups that study the Bible at uni. Italian students are a needy mission field. For the few who are Christian, university can be a tough time. Exposed to many worldy challenges on the campus, Christians need to be encouraged and spurred on to keep being godly.


Prayer Points

  • Pray that God would turn the hearts of many Italians from an empty cultural Christianity to a living and saving relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • More than 70% of Italy's communities - from small villages to large cities - are without an established Bible-based congregation. Pray that Italians in these areas would be reached with Christ.
  • Pray that the GBU would unite Italian students from different church backgrounds in a common goal of sharing Christ on campus.




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