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Profile : Japan

Region: East Asia
Capital: Tokyo
Population: 126,702,133
Area: 377 801
GDP per capita: $33100.00
Religions: Shintoist 79.2%, Buddhist 66.8% (note: many Japanese people practice Shintoism and Buddhism concurrently)
Languages: Japanese


Japan experienced a major economic slowdown starting in the 1990s following three decades of unprecedented growth. Unemployment has increased and the low birth rate and ageing population has reduced economic growth.

After little church growth for over a century a new openness has emerged after a series of disasters in the 1990s: the Kobe earthquake, economic meltdown, increasing rebelliousness of young people and the rise of anti-social and violent cults have provoked people to question Japanese value systems.

Over 80% of Japanese claim no personal religion but most follow the demands of ancestor-venerating Buddhism and the rituals of Shintoism. Only 10% of Japanese believe in the existence of a personal God.


Prayer Points

  • Pray that Japanese people would want to hear about Jesus and be looking for hope and purpose.
  • Pray that Japanese people who have decided to follow Jesus will commit to baptism as a sign to their friends and families of their faith.
  • Pray that Christian students in Japanese universities will be courageous in sharing their Christian faith with their friends.
  • Please pray that TEAM Japan and MTW will be able to present the gospel in a culturally relevant way to the next generation of Japanese people.




Category Opportunity Category Duration
Church Planting Church Planters - Japan Church Based Ministries Long Term
Student Ministry, Youth and Children High School Ministry - Japan Long Term
English as a Foreign Language Short Term English Teachers - Japan EFL Teachers Short Term
Education Teachers - Japan School Teachers Long Tern and Short Term
Student Ministry University Student Ministry - Japan Student Ministry Long Term


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