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Region: North Australia
Capital: Darwin (NT), Perth (WA)
Population: 0.2 million (32.5% Indigenous)
GDP per capita: $24.00
Religions: Protestant 30.2%, Roman Catholic 23.1%, No Religion 25.6%
Languages: Most Indigenous people speak English as a second language


North Australia encompasses the Northern Territory, and the Kimberly region in northern Western Australia.

The Northern Territory:

The Northern Territory has the smallest population of the Australian states and territories and a much higher proportion of Indigenous people than the rest of Australia. The 2001 census indicated that around 29% of the NT population were Indigenous compared to the national average of about 2%.
The Territory continues to record the highest death rate in the country, 8.7 deaths per 1,000 population, reflecting the high death rate among the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population. Of the 870 deaths registered in the Northern Territory in 2001, 49% were Indigenous deaths.

Some 64% of Indigenous people in the Northern Territory speak an Indigenous language or Kriol at home. English is a second or third language for many Indigenous people. Bible translation is in progress in 19 language groups; 26 languages have a portion of the New Testament and about 13 may still need translators.

There are six Aboriginal Anglican parishes in or near Arnhem Land in the northeast of the Territory. Eight men have been ordained since 1978 but death and illness have reduced the number of those fully active in ministry to two. In most churches a faithful group of lay people is involved in leadership. There is a need for the gospel to reach out more widely, particularly to children and young adults.
The gospel came to Arnhem Land with white people of considerable economic, medical and political power, not long after the emergence of the pastoral industry that had resulted in many Aboriginal deaths. Even now the relationship between Aborigines and Europeans is unequal, and this may influence Aboriginal views of Christian faith. There is a need for the Lord Jesus Christ to be seen as God's person for all races, not as a European and for Aboriginal church leaders to unravel some of these cross-cultural issues.

The Kimberly Region - Western Australia:

Over the last 100 years there has been faithful and fruitful gospel proclamation among Aboriginal people in the Kimberly region. However, Aboriginal churches in the area remain small and there is a great need for a strong gospel witness to the next generation. Broome, the regional centre of the West Kimberly area, is a goastal town with a population of about 13,000. 30% of the population is Aboriginal and represents diverse Indigenous languages and cultural backgrounds. Many other Indigenous people from surrounding communities travel to Broome to access services, and to visit family and friends.


Prayer Points

  • Pray that God will help our nation’s leaders to address wisely the inequalities facing Aboriginal people in Australia.
  • Pray that God would grant humility, sensitivity and wisdom to Terry and Liz McCoy, to enable them to encourage young Christian leaders in their faith.
  • Pray that Aboriginal Christian leaders are strengthened in faith and equipped for effective ministry through the work of the Ministry Development Team and Nungalinya College.
  • Pray that younger Indigenous people throughout North Australia will respond to the gospel and be well equipped

for ministry.




Category Opportunity Category Duration
Professional Alcohol and Drug Workers - North Australia Long Term
Bible and Theology Anglican Dean of Students - Darwin Long Term
Bible and Theology, Local Church Support, Professional Hospital and Prison Chaplains - North Australia Long Term
Bible and Theology, Education Literacy & Numeracy Teacher - Darwin Long Term
Local Church Support Remote Church Support - Northern Australia Long Term
Local Church Support Resource Worker - Northern Territory Church Based Ministries Long Term
Education, Professional Teachers, Health, Community - North Australia Development and Caring Long Term
Bible and Theology, Local Church Support Translators and Linguists - North Australia Long Term
Local Church Support Youth and Community Workers - Northern Territory Long Term


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