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Profile : Tanzania

Region: Africa
Capital: Dodoma
Population: 52,482,726
Area: 945037
GDP per capita: $600.00
Religions: Muslim 29.2%, Roman Catholic 28.4%, Protestant 22.9%, Indigenous religions 17.4%
Languages: Swahili and English


After gaining independence from Britain, Tanganyika and Zanzibar merged to form the Republic of Tanzania in 1964. One-party rule ended in 1995 with the country's first democratic multi-party elections since the 1970s.

Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world. Families depend heavily on agriculture for their income. The rapid spread of HIV/AIDS threatens to destabilise the country's social and economic fabric. Other major health problems include poor nutrition, malaria, tuberculosis, dysentery and leprosy.


Prayer Points

  • Pray for opportunities to proclaim Jesus in majority-Muslim areas of Tanzania, and pray for peace between Christians and Muslims.
  • Pray that God would sustain the families left behind when students travel to study at Munguishi Bible College.
  • Pray that God would provide committed Christians to work at St John’s University long term.
  • Pray that God would raise up more staff for TAFES.
  • Pray that young people in Tanzania would be captivated by God’s grace.
  • Pray for wisdom as the Diocese of Kagera elects a new bishop in late 2017.
  • Pray that churches in Tanzania would clearly proclaim the truth of the Bible, and that it would have a positive impact on Tanzanian society.
  • Pray that the Girls’ and Boys’ Brigades will reach further into Tanzanian society, impacting their communities for good.




Category Opportunity Category Duration
Professional, Technical Administration Trainer - Tanzania Long Term
Professional, Technical Agricultural Development - Tanzania Long Term
Professional Health Care Professionals - Tanzania Long Term
Education, Youth and Children School Teachers - Tanzania Long Term
Education Secondary Teachers - Tanzania Long Term and Short Term
Education Teachers & Support Staff - Tanzania Long Term and Short Term (two year minimum)
Bible and Theology Theology Teachers - Tanzania Bible and Theology Teachers Long Term
Education, Student Ministry University Lecturers - Tanzania Long Term
Student Ministry University Student Ministry - Tanzania Long Term
Education, Technical VET Teachers - Tanzania Long Term


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