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Profile : Namibia

Region: Africa
Capital: Windhoek
Population: 2,436,469
Area: 823 144
GDP per capita: $7400.00
Religions: Protestant 55%, Roman Catholic 19.4%, Indigenous religions 7.3%
Languages: English is the official language, few people speak it, instead they speak Afrikaans.


Namibia gained independence from South Africa in 1990 after a long war that cost dearly in social and economic terms.

The economy is heavily dependent on the extraction and processing of minerals for export. Mining accounts for 20% of GDP.

A high per capita GDP, relative to the region, hides the great inequality of income distribution. About 50% of people live below the poverty line.

Namibia had the highest percentage of Christians for any country in Africa for many years. The work of early Lutheran and Anglican missionaries gave rise to large denominations. However now nominalism is widespread and people are less open to the gospel.


Prayer Points

  • Pray that Namibian Christians would have a desire to learn from the Bible and know the grace of God.




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