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Profile : Democratic Republic of Congo

Region: Africa
Capital: Kinshasa
Population: 81,331,050
Area: 2,345,410 sq km
GDP per capita: $100.00
Religions: Roman Catholic 50%, Protestant 20%, Kimbanguist 10%, Muslim 10%
Languages: French (official), Lingala , Swahili, Kikongo and Tshiluba are 4 regional trade languages


The resource-rich Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly called Zaire) has a history marked by ethnic strife and civil war.

In May 1997, after more than 30 years in power, the government of President Mobuto was overturned by a rebellion led by Laurent Kabila. His regime was challenged by a Rwanda- and Uganda-backed rebellion in August 1998 and five years of conflict followed involving troops from Angola, Namibia and Zimbabwe. The five-year war claimed an estimated three million lives, either as a direct result of fighting or because of disease and malnutrition.

The adoption of a new constitution in 2005, and free (though not entirely free of criticism) elections held in 2006 and 2011, have given DR Congo a measure of peace. However, militia violence still flares in the north-eastern regions and relationships with neighbouring countries are strained.


Prayer Points

  • Pray for wise and principled leaders for D R Congo, who will govern justly.




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