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Mission Activities for Kids

It is great to play games and do fun activities with the kids to help illustrate the importance of Mission and to help kids get to understand its place in our faith journey.

Wycliffe have created activities to help churches and families think trough Mission for Kids on a CD called the Great Commission Toolbox.

To view some of the activities click here.

Things People Have Done

Games and Activities

World Map activities
Create a world map on butchers paper, using an OHP (overhead projector) which is an ancient piece of equipment that you may find in the back of your storeroom, but still great for making maps.

Then make up cards like "draw the Eiffel Tower and they have to find France and draw the Eiffel tower on the map. At the end of the activity you have a really cool decorated world map that you can put in your Kids Ministry area. This game is called Global Graffiti. Check it out here!

Play pin the tail on the donkey with a world map. Get the kids to stick (with blu-tac) on the map a token and look at all the countries they hit. Discuss with the kids the fact that all of these countries have Christians in them because of missionaries. Then look at the impact these missionaries have had.

Who Will Go?
Use this creative object lesson from Nancy Keith to explain missions to children.
Send one child out of the room (with appropriate supervision). Give the other children a treat. As you give each child the treat, say, "God loves you!"
As children enjoy their snack, explain that there's also a treat for the child who went out of the room.
Ask, "How will the child know about the treat? How could we get the treat to the child?"
Have the children try yelling, throwing the treat toward the door, and using any other means. Children will finally conclude that the only way to get the treat to the child is to take it to him or her.
Send one child as the "Missionary" to deliver the message and the treat. Then have both children return to the room.
Discuss how the child wouldn't have known about the treat if the Missionary had never gone to share.
Read Isaiah 6:2-8. Then ask: "How did Isaiah react when he had a vision of God? How would you have reacted? Why do you think Isaiah said what he did in verse 5? How do you think Isaiah felt after God forgave him of his sins?"
Read Isaiah 6:8 again. Then ask: "Why do you think Isaiah was willing to go for God? What would you have said if this had happened to you?"
Discuss with children what it means to be on mission for God at home, at school, in their community, in their country, and throughout the world.

banana onigoko

A great chasey game from Japan. It is like scarecrow tiggy, but when you are tagged you put your hands in the air like a banana. Someone can free you by pulling down your hands.

Children's Ministry Support for Missions

If you would like Andrew to come and help plan a Kids Mission event then please contact him and he will do all he can to make your program the best it can be for your kids.

Other fun activities

Check out the Great Commission Tool Box made by Wycliffe. It has some great fun activities to add to your Kids ministry, which you can look at some examples here.

Pray around the world

Pray Around the World
Pray Around the World

If you would like us to send you a copy then please email Andrew and it will be sent out to you.

Some Great websites

My favourite 'Sunday School' website is It has great stories and activities for many Bible stories. Highly recommended.
Tear have a great site and resources for helping kids understand how kids live in other parts of the world.
Check it out at the link below...


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