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CMS missionaries have made an enormous contribution to the world over the past 150 years. CMS is working hard to make sure the stories of the past are told and we want to encourage people today to access them and learn from many years of service to God.

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People have been using the CMS Archives over the years to "find my past" and research some of their ancestors. We also receive queries from people writing a history of their Church, including overseas Churches in which missionaries were involved, or of significant people in their parish.

The Archives of CMS Victoria are currently held in three places, in addition to those in the CMS Australia Collection held in Sydney. Some, mostly early records, are in the State Library of Victoria (SLV). Some are now at the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne Archives and Records Centre (ADOMA), while some records have been retained at CMS Victoria awaiting transfer to ADOMA, or are still being archived.

Janine Stewart, Archivist

The SLV records are listed online. ADOMA can be contacted at . Tel 03 9481 1063 with queries about which CMS files they hold. For files still held at CMS Victoria contact the CMS Archivist Janine Stewart at

Can you add to this story

If you have photos or papers relevant to the history of CMS Victoria, we would be pleased to receive them. Such collections will be well documented and cared for, and most will accessible to researchers, although permission from CMS Victoria is required to access personal files, which are generally restricted until 30 years after the death of the missionary or person involved.

Please contact the Archives Manager at about the procedure for donating such material to CMS Victoria.


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