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As you seek to minister to teenagers, we want to help you and provide godly, challenging and inspiring role models, information and resources to get your kids thinking out of the box.

Linking up

With a few easy steps your youth group can have a real and vibrant relationship with your misso(s)

STEP ONE: Making your missos "real".
Enabling your kids to connect with people they haven't met is tricky. Introduce the missionary through different methods, share the missionaries visions, actively get to know the country and their work.

You may need to redo the intro stuff each year as new kids who've join.

STEP TWO: sharing life.
Relationships develop as life and experiences are shared. Sharing the missionaries stories, prayer requests, keeping in personal contact and financially supporting as appropriate helps in this area.

You could have a special spot every 2-4 weeks to update and pray for your misso, like theme music, pictures, a bible verse, something specific to their latest news or a reflection on a movie or challenge to live God's way.

STEP THREE: enjoying a reunion
After all this, when your misso(s) in town every 3 years or so it'll be a reunion as they share, answer questions, challenge and inspire with their talks.

STEP CONTINUOUS: seeing youth grow more like Jesus.
Partnering a missionary(ies) gives you great opportunities to regularly challenge youth on what it means to give God your whole life and the power of prayer.

Spicing up the link

These are activity based learning events that CMS have put together to help your youth group have fun and start thinking about mission. Based on the Amazing Race to Australian Idol, each Extreme Encounter is team based and takes about 2-3 hours to run.

Our Extreme Encounter packages
include detailed instructions, teaching content, lists of required equipment and basic resources. We will work with you to put on a great night. Each event includes a time of debrief and bible reflection (about 10-15mins).


If you want to run a supporters night/ awareness raising picnic/ swimathon or whatever, based on specific needs of your link misso(s) we'll do what we can to help - be it with ideas, information or other resources, just call.


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