Toowoomba Conference 2017


Thank you to everyone who attended CMS Toowoomba Conference 2017! We'll be back next year with more excellent gospel ministry teaching.

Shame, honour, the gospel and mission

Many non-western cultures are based on the values of shame and honour. Shame and honour were also dominant features in New Testament cultures. Understanding shame and honour not only gives us insight into the New Testament, it also equips us better to engage other non-western cultures with the gospel.

Mission Talks from CMS Missionaries

Getting it wrong. Getting it right... the tightrope in communicating to the Glory of God. Hear from Keith Birchley and T how they walk this tightrope, as they explain and explore the practicalities of sharing the gospel in shame and honour cultures of PNG and South East Asia.

3 Great Guest Speakers

Wes Redgen
Wes is a Senior Lecturer in New Testament at Queensland Theological College (QTC). He trained at Sydney Missionary Bible College (SMBC) and QTC, and was a pastor for 15 years. Originally as an English teacher, Wes completed his doctorate on Galatians at the University of Queensland in 2016. Wes is husband to Evelyn, and together they have four adult children. Wes usually has a book on the go about some aspect of first century history or culture.

T (South East Asia)
T works in South East Asia. Along with his wife, J, they work in the area of community-based disability with a local organisation. They focus on language and cultural learning and are forming relationships within their community.

Keith Birchley (PNG)
Keith and his wife, Marion, pastor and disciple university students in Port Moresby. They seek to strengthen the biblical grounding of PNG churches by helping develop skills in exegesis and biblical theology.


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