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Beautiful Feet Sunday 2015

More than 4.8 billion people do not know Christ. Over 1.5 billion people have never heard the message of Jesus or met a Christian.

Beautiful Feet Sunday encourages people in your church to share the good news of Jesus Christ – to be 'beautiful feet' carrying the message of lasting hope – across the street and across the world.

This year the focus is a country right on our doorstep – with the biggest population of a major religion in the world! As Christians, how can we respond to the need for so many people to know Jesus Christ?

It's home to hundreds of millions of people, yet for every 100 people living there, less than 3 follow Christ. Even less tell others about Jesus.

The challenge is huge. Most people living there have little or no opportunity to hear about Jesus unless someone tells them.

But something exciting is already happening...

God has started a movement of equipping Christians to share the gospel. People who were once Christian by name, but not by heart, are deciding to truly follow Jesus. Christians who previously kept their faith quiet out of fear of persecution or discrimination are now boldly befriending others to share God’s message of love and salvation. And CMS workers are discipling and equipping local Christians to do it in God’s name.

This is just the start. CMS needs to raise up more workers to serve here and more supporters to partner with them so that more people can know Jesus.

Beautiful Feet Sunday is the opportunity for your church to be part of God’s exciting mission plan for the world!
Not everyone can ‘go’ and serve overseas, but we can all be partners in mission: praying, caring and giving to support missionaries.

All of us can help to bring about a world that knows Jesus. All of us can help CMS long-term missionaries to equip Christians in challenging parts of the world to share the gospel of Jesus Christ today!


Beautiful Feet Sunday on 14 June 2015 (or when you choose) is the opportunity for you and your church to get involved in God's mission throughout the world. Why not...

  • Double the number of people praying for mission?
  • Get 20 or 50 people committed to supporting CMS each month?
  • Raise 100% more than you raised last year for Beautiful Feet Sunday?


  • Order your Church Kit (posters, DVD, envelopes and more) – phone: (07) 3112 6530 or email
  • CHOOSE your 'Pray Care Give' challenge, and let us know – email with subject line: 'Beautiful Feet Sunday PRAY CARE GIVE challenge'.


‘You are loved’ DVD can be ordered – phone: (07) 3112 6530 or email

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