Beautiful Feet Sunday 2017


Beautiful Feet Sunday is a great opportunity to get your church congregation excited, informed and involved in mission.
It's a day of your choice (or the 4th of June) with a special focus on God's mission around the world.

We'll help you by providing your church with the resources you need to get started and hold Beautiful Feet Sunday the way you want it. Here are some quick ideas:

  • Get your church praying for missionaries
  • Teach a special Sunday School class about world mission and different cultures
  • Organise a special event or fundraiser to raise money for mission

This year, Beautiful Feet Sunday's featured country will be Japan – a nation of beauty, stability and order, but also extreme social withdrawal, restrictive conformity and people living with a deep sense of failure.

God’s grace can free the people of Japan from such hopelessness and suffering, yet more than 123 million people in Japan still do not know Jesus. God has started something exciting in Japan, but CMS needs the help of your church to keep it growing – for more people to know Christ. Partner with CMS workers Dene and Rachel and Adam and Helane, to help them share the gospel with the people of Japan!

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For more information and to order your resources, contact Rachel by calling (07) 3112 6530 or emailing


Creative Ideas for Beautiful Feet Sunday - Including ideas for having a Japanese fun-raiser!

Promotional PowerPoint slides for your church

Kids Activity Sheet for Sunday School!

Answers to the Kid's Activity Sheet!

God's Grace Saves - A short video which highlights the huge need for the gospel in Japan.


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