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CMS cares passionately about our missionaries. We want them not only to survive, but to thrive in long-term mission service. CMS therefore takes training very seriously. The CMS Development and Training Team have three main areas of responsibility:

1) To train and EQUIP new missionaries for long-term cross-cultural gospel ministry.

2) To EMPOWER all our missionaries to go on growing and learning in their service of the Lord Jesus.

3) To ENABLE the whole of CMS to be on the cutting edge of mission thinking and practice.

The CMS Development and Training Team are based at St Andrew's Hall in Melbourne.


The Development and Training Team helps to equip new missionaries for long-term cross-cultural gospel ministry. After completing at least one year of Bible training, Missionaries in Training join a five month full time residential course at St Andrew's Hall in Melbourne. The course equips them with the diverse skills required to communicate the gospel across cultures. The Development and Training Team then continue to support and encourage new Missionaries as they begin their cross-cultural ministries on location, particularly providing encouragement in the areas of language acquisition and learning new cultures.

See below for more details on pre-field training or click here to view FAQs on CMS training


We are developing a programme of Continuing Professional Development for current missionaries that will enable them to go on growing and learning. We expect to develop learning foci based around CMS-Australia's five strategic areas of ministry. These are:

  • Mission amongst Muslim people
  • Student ministry
  • Leadership Development
  • Church-based Ministry
  • Development and Caring Ministry

We are setting up learning networks that seek to encourage and support Missionaries engaged in each of these areas of mission. We expect that these networks will feed back into CMS-Australia, so that the Society hears and learns from our Missionaries.


The Development and Training Team serves CMS by acting as its internal “Training Department.” The Development and Training Team facilitates training for the Society with the aim of helping CMS in areas such as:

  • Missiological thinking and reflection
  • Organisational growth and development
  • Strategic planning
  • Management skills
  • Team building

The Development and Training Team has been engaged in research in the areas of best practice in pastoral care and best practice in missionary selection.

CMS recommends both the MIST and the PERSPECTIVES courses as preliminary training for those heading out on short –term placements.

Contact your nearest branch for information on courses running near you.


St Andrews Hall
St Andrews Hall
SAH students enjoying lunch
SAH students enjoying lunch

St Andrew's Hall is located in Parkville, a very multi–cultural part of Melbourne. It provides a residential course for CMS Missionaries in Training (MiTs), which forms part of the three year preparation, training and development programme for missionaries of CMS Australia run by the Development and Training Team.

The St Andrew's Hall course runs for five months full–time. Participants deepen their understanding of the gospel and the biblical basis for mission. They develop intellectual, spiritual and practical skills for communicating the gospel across cultures, and acquaint themselves with their countries and ministries of destination. The course aims to equip, stimulate and provide resources for CMS missionaries towards life-long professional and missiological development.


CMS funds the five–month residential programme with a contribution from the participants. The course is offered twice a year.

Areas of learning:

  • Inculture: A course in practical anthropology, cultural understanding, cross cultural communication and transition
  • Inmission: An integrated course covering missiology, world faiths, spiritual worldviews and contextualisation
  • Encounter: The practical issues of working and living in another culture – relationships, schooling, health, security, transport, housing, food, etc
  • CMS: CMS history and philosophy, its policies and guidelines, communication and deptuation
  • Maximum Impact Language Learning
  • Spiritual, personal and relational development

The time at St Andrew's Hall is about the spiritual, practical, personal and academic formation of the people who are here – equipping heads, hands and hearts. It is not so much about what you know, but about what you become under God.


St Andrew's Hall is the base for the Development and Training Team working under the leadership of the Development and Training Secretary. The staff are people with missionary experience and have training and experience in teaching in their subject areas.

  • Development and Training Secretary: Rev Dr David Williams,
  • Course Facilitator: Jeni
  • Training Coordinator for short term mission: Mrs Christine Bird,
  • Missionaries in Residence: Post currently filled
  • Maximum Impact Language Learning: Ms Cathy Bow


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