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Our Values

Our values are at the core of who we are and what we do. As a fellowship in God’s mission, we value:

Prayer for God’s mission

Mission belongs to God and everything depends on him. Therefore trusting and persevering prayer is central to all that we are and all that we do.

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People in long-term mission

Setting apart appropriately gifted and well-trained people for long-term mission service is a key strategy in God’s mission. We are therefore committed to careful and thorough selection, in-depth training, excellence in language, deep cultural insight and high quality pastoral care.

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Humility in mission

We engage in mission in humility – confident in the gospel but fully aware of our own weakness and frailty. We seek to be humble, servant hearted and generous, conscious that all parts of the worldwide body of Christ are interdependent on one another for their learning, growth and maturity.

Wholeness in mission

We are committed to wholeness in mission that unites the proclamation of the word and the demonstration of Christ’s love in the witness of the community of God’s people. As we live in long term relationship with those we serve, we are compelled to speak of the Lord Jesus and demonstrate his love in practical action as we meet human need.

Partnership in mission

We work as co-labourers with churches and Christian organisations around the world wherever there is common vision. We work under local leadership, at their invitation, in local ministries wherever possible.

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Equipping churches for mission

We value our partnership with churches in Australia and around the world and seek to serve by resourcing and educating them as they engage in cross-cultural mission.

Membership in mission

We value the prayerfulness and passion of our members and supporters across Australia as together we work with churches to set apart and support long-term gospel workers.

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