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Mission Aid Group is an Auxiliary of the Church Missionary Society NSW & ACT. Its function is to provide medical supplies, school and office equipment, clothing, blankets and other goods for eleven Dioceses in Tanzania, East Africa, where CMS-Australia personnel have been working for more than a hundred years.

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As a practical outworking of Christian faith, MMA works in partnership with Christians and churches in the majority world by funding health-related projects. MMA looks for projects that uplift the poor, are sustainable, draw communities together and provide witness to the gospel. Currently funding is given to work in Nepal, Tanzania, Kena and Rwanda in projects that help people wth disabilities and victims of HIV/AIDS. Funding also provides medical supplies, scholarships for the training of healthcare staff, and solar lights for hospitals and schoolchildren.

A nurse in Tabora giving vacinations supported by MMA
A nurse in Tabora giving vacinations supported by MMA

Get Involved
There are many ways you can get involved in the work of MMA.

  • Donate finances

Financial gifts are always gratefully received. Money raised is used to fund MMA Medical Projects in developing countries.

  • Start up an MMA group in your church or join an existing one

MMA groups meet in many places throughout Victoria, collecting suitable goods and raising money. Support also comes from some groups of Mothers Union and Ladies Guilds.

  • Help out at the Opportunity Shop

Our Opportunity Shop raises funds for projects in developing countries and to support CMS missionaries. Volunteers are always welcome.

  • Donate goods to the Opportunity shop

What kinds of goods are needed?
Good quality clean clothes, kitchenware in good condition, bric-a-brac, collectables and hand-made clothes are especially appreciated.
If I send my friends as customers, will they find what they want and be able to afford them?
Goods on sale include:
*Great used clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.
*Recycled evening wear.
*Men's overalls and work boots.
*Kitchenware, bric-a-brac and household treasures.
*Sewing items including patterns and fabrics - cotton, denim and stretch.
*Wool, knitting needles and patterns.
*Hand crafted items - sweaters, beanies, scarves, t-shirts and fleecy tops in all sizes, rugs, shopping bags and book bags.

To find out more about MMA, visit their website.

Former Missionaries’ Fellowship (FMF)

The FMF is mostly made up of Christians who share the particular calling of having served the Lord as missionaries or volunteers through CMS Australia. Their aim is to be a means of grace to one another through prayer and mutual encouragement, and through fellowship in meetings and by letters, phone calls, emails and visits. We rejoice with those who rejoice [and] mourn with those who mourn (Romans 12:15).

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